A Hero Dreams

Something's wrong here, my love . . . and together, we're going to make it right.

Devastated by news of his father’s sudden death, eight-year-old Ricky begins to see things—a ghostly silhouette in his bedroom window, a gruesome train accident involving four local teenagers, a terrorist attack that won’t occur for another 25 years. After an incident at a New England summer camp, the visions become more frequent and more disturbing. A mysterious voice assures him everything will be okay if he crosses the "threshold.” But just what is the threshold? And what lies beyond?

An inspiring tale of hope, faith, courage, and profound self-discovery, A Hero Dreams, the first novel in the Hero’s Path series, takes the reader on an epic journey along the furthermost frontiers of human consciousness and into a miraculous realm where anything is possible.

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Beyond the Threshold

You'll need to take a leap of faith, to let go of the past and pursue dreams

worthy of you.

Ricky wakes on an unfamiliar shore where he meets the one person who may be capable of healing his wounded heart. The two form an uncommon bond that grows stronger with each passing day. But when an alarming truth is revealed, a crisis arises that will put their friendship to the test and forever change Ricky’s life.


A Hero Soars

Take a deep breath . . . let it go. It was all just a dream. It’s never anything but a dream—a dream of our own making . . .

When Ricky returns from his adventure, he sees the world through a new set of eyes. He is now free—free to live a life that will inspire others and free to make choices that could change the course of history.



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