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A Hero Dreams, first book in the Hero's Path series

Book One:  A Hero Dreams

Something's wrong here, my love . . . and together, we're going to make it right.

Devastated by news of his father’s sudden death, eight-year-old Ricky begins to see things—a ghostly silhouette in his bedroom window, a gruesome train accident involving four local teenagers, a terrorist attack that won’t occur for another 25 years. After a traumatic incident at a New England summer camp, the visions become more frequent, more vivid, and more disturbing. A mysterious voice assures him everything will be okay if he crosses the "threshold.” But just what is the threshold? And what lies beyond?

An inspiring tale of hope, faith, and great courage, A Hero Dreams, the first novel in the Hero’s Path series, takes the reader on an epic journey through the very darkest of nights, along the furthermost frontiers of human consciousness, and into a miraculous realm where anything is possible.

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Book Two:  Beyond the Threshold

You're about to take a journey beyond the threshold and into the mind of an American terrorist . . .

He looks like an average guy. He’s fair-skinned. His eyes are blue. His smile appears to be sincere. He might even be your next-door neighbor.

Twenty-five years have passed since an incident at summer camp left Ricky Williamson deeply scarred. Now a seemingly well-adjusted adult and loyal corporate employee, Ricky works in a ten-by-ten cubicle—a mere breath away from executive row. Under the surface, though, he’s haunted by memories of that fateful night at Parson’s Pond. Consumed by rage and hell-bent on revenge, he’s ready to execute a deadly plan. Regular trips to the gun range have sharpened his skills. His arsenal is fully stocked. It’s just a matter of choosing the right moment . . .

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Book Three:  Ricky and Jihad

Take a deep breath . . . let it go. It was all just a dream. It’s never anything but a dream—a dream of our own making . . .

When Ricky Williamson returns from his adventure, he sees the world through a new set of eyes, and there’s possibility everywhere. Now, he's able to transcend his grief, his pain, his anger and pursue a life of inner peace, abundance, generosity, and love. It'll be a life devoted to public service. A life that will inspire him to great achievements. A life of which his father would have been proud. It will not be a life free of challenges, difficult choices, and loss . . .


In this alternative telling of Ricky's story, he grows up to become a man of power and influence, a highly respected and admired leader. He marries the love of his life, and together they have two daughters, one of whom inherits his gift of second sight. They appear to be living the American dream. Yet when a childhood nemesis named Jihad enters the picture, Ricky’s world begins to crumble, and he’s faced with a decision that will, one way or the other, change the course of history. Either way, a great sacrifice will be required . . .


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